Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mummy n little bee...

I had an awesome outing day last 2 weeks with my ex-housemate. Just to share the good news with her. Done a little bit of shopping for myself round where it's happens yesterday the shopping quest continues. Yesterday's shopping is for babies and a little bit for me. Of course there are a lots of things that still need to buy...but for 1st timer like a bit blur in a when you have to learn new topic in class...hahaha...luckily i had a little study on things need to buy for little baby and me. I don't want to put a lots of shopping now since we wouldn't know yet the gender. And by advice from experience moms, some google browsing and a little blog walking...i have written my "mummy little bee" list so that I won't spend a lots here...membazir kan amalan syaitan...means that we only bought the important things...Let's me share some of the case klau ada yg tertinggal bleh la tolong add kan. Thanks...

Mummy Little Bee list: (dah beli)
1) Baby Napkin - RM30.70 (cotton standard - 12pcs) - 1 set
2) Nappy Pin - RM5.00 (5pcs x 2 sets)
3) Baby Wipes - RM11.90
4) Blanket - RM20.00
5) Bath Towel - RM16.90 (set of 2 towel)
6) Mitten and Bootee Set - rm19.80 (set of 4)
(pilih lah yg mana korang suka - but make sure ada yg lubang2x kecik tu and ada yg close) * yg ni beli lebih sikit tak apa sbb nanti selalu kena air liur baby so kena basuh selalu supaya muka baby tak naik ruam2x...advice from my friend...
7) Baby cap + mittens + booties = RM14.30 (bleh jugak beli set yg macam ni klau nak)
8) Infant binder (barut bayi) - RM 15.80 (2 sets barut bertali & 2 set barut zip zap)
*9) Baju baby lengan pendek - 1 psg dulu
*10) Baju baby lengan panjang - 1psg dulu
*11) Baju baby yang berlubang2x tu bleh beli byk sikit - 1 psg dulu
(byk advice yg sy dengaq dr mummy2x di luar sana this kind of baju bagus sbb bagi pengudaraan pd baby.
*12) Maternity pads - RM23.80 (2 sets)

*this items nak kena beli lagi on next trip...

There is still few things yg ada dlm list tp belum beli:
1) Baby Rompers
2) Natural nipple butter
3) Baby bath set
4) Minyak telon
5) Gripe water
6) Mopiko
7) Vit E
8) Baby hand towel
9) Baby pampers
10) Putik kapas
11) Stokin for mummy
12) Selipar
13) Sweater
14) Pakaian dlm yg bersesuaian
15) Kain batik
16) T-shirt yg longgar
17) Brest pump and botol susu