Friday, 13 January 2012

My Peri Love......Nandos

Today is our Peri Peri Friday...good to have a gossip talking with my long beautiful peeps. Hope that we can spent longer time chatting. This is my peri love chicken and I really falling for their sauces. And my sincere thanks to K.Yati sbb belanja and Azie for making up this for us. Thanks Babes...

Both of these pictures taken from internet ~ asyik sgt bersembang lupa nak capture td ~

It's almost 2 mths that I've quited my job. And seriously a lots of changes in my old company. People in and people out & of course new management appointed. Did I miss working? A part of me...yea...another part...hurmmm is enjoying my life now. Yup...somettimes is a bit boring...but am trying my best to occupy myself with housework. Furthermore, I have my little kitchen that kept me busy (sometimes jer...). Okay...only about 2 mths and a lots of changes in our transportation system LRT...hushh....So, it time to go home....the train is here....

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